Working on script for film

I came up with an idea for a short film and have been working on it off and on for a couple of weeks. It was one of those situations where I was writing one thing and all of a sudden a completely different idea appeared in my head and I just had to stop the first story and start writing what was on my mind. So far there are parts that are crystal clear – – like the setup, and several scenes – but the ending is still not quite so clear. But I think it will start to take shape as I continue.

The plan is to use the grain silos for a majority of the shoot. And of course I want to shoot in Super 8. I think the best bet is going to be shooting in DV on several practice runs prior to shooting S8 film, just to conserve.

The story centers around a single central character – a solider – that is on a mission but he doesn’t really know what his mission is, who the enemy is, or why he is in the situation he is in. I know it sounds very cryptic and perhaps a little corny but I’m leaving out pertinent details to preserve the originality of the story – believe me, there’s more to it.

On another note, I finally found and purchased my dream S8 camera – a Nizo 801 Macro. it was shipped from Germany and I paid about $400 bucks for it. It’s in great shape. I am still learning the ins and outs of shooting with it and haven’t had a chance to shoot any actual film with it yet. This is the camera I am planning on shooting the above mentioned movie with.