A Day at Stanage Edge – Super 8 Film

I’ve completed and uploaded another video from the trip to England. This one is of a day spent climbing and exploring Stanage Edge; a world famous gritstone area in the heart of The Peak District.

Unfortunately, we only had a day to experience the wealth of climbing in the area, and this was only enough to leave us wanting for more grit. So I’m hopeful that there will be a return trip in the not-so-distant future which will allow for several days of climbing and an opportunity to truly experience all that gritstone climbing has to offer.

This film was shot on a single roll of Tri-X Super 8 film using a Zeiss Ikon Movieflex S8 camera. The film was developed and transferred at Yale Film and Video in Burbank, CA.  Post processing was all done in Final Cut Pro. The black and white (and grey) turned out pretty well on its own but I wanted to alter the image a bit in FCP. In this case I felt the use of a pink filter, upping the contrast and brightness (in some cases) added to the picture. Editing wise, I just did a little trimming here and there – I like to keep the sequence and the duration of the original film as much as possible.

With a film like this (meaning Super 8 ) I think it’s good to keep the home-movie feel. In fact, I would argue that it captures the experience more realistically – almost more documentary style.

The music is from a band/artist named Part Timer and the song is called Unwritten Letter no.9.


New Film – Exploring Cambridge

[vimeo clip_id=”17275058″ width=”500″ height=””]

Just completed editing a new short-short film. This one is very “home movie.” It’s some footage I shot while in Cambridge, England in April 2010. The person walking around is my brother, Adam.

The film was shot on-the-fly using a Zeiss Ikon Movieflex S8 camera. It’s really become one of my favorites, especially when it comes to usability. There’s not much to metering and focusing – just point and shoot. Of course you’ll be able to tell that it is auto-metering (instead of manual) because the brightness while change occasionally – but for on the run type of stuff, this camera works great.

This is a short film shot in Cambridge, England in April 2010 during a visit for the Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival.

It was market day and the May Day celebration. My brother, Adam, walks the crowded streets, visits the open-air market and watches some street performers.

The sound was captured digitally using a hand-held Edirol R-09 recorder.

The film was predominantly shot on Kodak Ektachrome 64T but the last bit capturing “punting” was in Tri-X. Camera used was a Zeiss Ikon Movieflex S8.

All camera work by me.


Updated the site…

The F47 Productions site has been revised.

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