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Take Care, Tar Creek. What’s next?

Working on a strategy to continue the storytelling at Tar Creek. Looking to produce a 4-6 episode series that could be picked up by one of the big streaming services. Looking for interested parties and/or producers that might be able help me see this through.

Working on the script for this concept, based on my recently completed short film of the same title.

More to come…

Documentary S8 straight 8 super 8 super 8 film

S8: 22 – 2 – Film Notes

I have a film title. A subject. And a complete concept. Now, just to put it into action.

Going to be cautious in not revealing the idea or the title until I have some more solidified – so going to be a bit cryptic about it for now. But I am really excited about this direction and feel it has the potential for a must larger project.

Photo courtesy of wikipedia
Documentary S8 straight 8 super 8 super 8 film

S8: 22 – 1 – Film Notes

In 2000 I completed a research project. Now I’m going back to that same place 22 years later to document what has changed. This time with Super 8 film camera in hand.


S8 straight 8 super 8 super 8 film

(Un)announced – S8

Officially announcing the production and entrance to the 2022 Straight 8 Film Competition. This is my third time entering the competition and another opportunity to accept the challenge that comes with producing, from scratch, a motion-picture on a short timeframe.

I will do my best to document the process going forward.

If you want to see what some of the films look like you can visit here. As noted on their website: each straight 8 film is made entirely in-camera on just one cartridge of super 8mm cine film lasting up to 3 minutes 20 seconds. with each pull of the trigger, each shot taken goes into the final film, in the order taken, like it or not. there’s no chance for editing, post-production effects, colour-grading or sound-synching… because we get the films processed and then we just line up first frame of picture with the original soundtrack each entrant supplies blind. the very first time successful straight8ers see even their own film is with the audience at its packed premiere – at cannes film festival and other great screenings

I will be re-visiting and posting links to my previous films in future posts.


Accepted straight 8 super 8 super 8 film

Wax Moons – A Straight 8 film presented in London – 2017

wax moons – a straight 8 film by aaron w gibson from straight eight on Vimeo.

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Cool News & Work in Progress

I received word that a film that I did some Super 8 film work for has been accepted to Sundance. The documentary film This May Be the Last Time, directed by Sterlin Harjo and Produced by Matt Leach, both of This Land Films, will be shown at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah January 16-26.

Here is the announcement on the This Land Films website:

Here is the short description of the film on the Sundance website:
“This May Be the Last Time / U.S.A. (Director: Sterlin Harjo) — Filmmaker Sterlin Harjo’s Grandfather disappeared mysteriously in 1962. The community searching for him sang songs of encouragement that were passed down for generations. Harjo explores the origins of these songs as well as the violent history of his people.”

My contribution to the film was minimal in terms of the overall production but I had a fun experience working with these guys, the talent and other crew. I was hired to shoot several rolls of film as a part of the film that re-created a specific historical event. I shot the film using a Canon 814 XLS and Agfachrome 200D Reversal film stock. The film was then digitally transferred and scanned at HD resolution.

I have seen the raw footage but not the final cut of the film – so I’m excited to see how the footage was integrated into the story.

Congratulations to all those involved! We’ll be watching the progress of this film to see the progress it makes.