notes 3 photo shoot the good soldier

The Good Soldier – Notes 3 – Photo-shoot Report

This project is on it’s way. We completed the photo-shoot for the character Miss June on Friday night in my “home studio.” The shoot went great – Leah did an incredible job of playing the part of a 1940s pin-up calendar star. Now it comes down to sorting through the mass of photos to pick the ONE photo that will become MISS JUNE.

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to Sherwin, who was the photographer of the shoot. He did a great job and I really appreciate him taking the time and dedicating his expertise to this project. Also, thanks to Chris and my wonderful wife Lisa for helping with the lights and the backdrop. Their ideas and assistance made the shoot even better. Since we’re all friends – & family – things went smoothly and it was a very fun evening.

Now that I have the photo shoot out of the way I need to begin working in Photoshop to make the calendar – a key prop in the film. That will take a bit of time but I’m excited about doing it.

Next in line is to finalize my budget – which I’ve already spent a sizable portion of and begin working on a production schedule. I’m hoping to have the shooting schedule done soon so that I can hold a production meeting. Ideally the production meeting will set us up for the casting call.

Of course the main character, The Good Soldier, himself, is the most important of all the characters and could easily make or break this film. So I’m hoping we have a good turn-out of quality actors for the role. And the role of the Commander is equally important – need someone with a good military voice and a strong face – ideally, this person will be 40s-50s in age.

I’m continuing to buy props through ebay and have come up with some really great stuff. Just bought a pair of WWI/WWII era French army binoculars – they look so cool online so I can’t wait to see what they look like in real life. Next up, I have to locate an M1 Carbine rifle – a replica. There are a couple of different kinds; one is a resin version the other is a partially functional model. The resin one is cheaper, of course – not cheap but cheaper – whereas the model version is about twice as much. I think I would have luck reselling either so I’ll have to think about what I really need, in terms of the film, and pick the best option.

Also, and I’ll just throw this out there – I am looking for grant opportunities and individuals who might be interested in being a producer on the film. The budget for the film is $5000 and most of that is going towards film, processing, telecine – all lab work.