New Film – Exploring Cambridge

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Just completed editing a new short-short film. This one is very “home movie.” It’s some footage I shot while in Cambridge, England in April 2010. The person walking around is my brother, Adam.

The film was shot on-the-fly using a Zeiss Ikon Movieflex S8 camera. It’s really become one of my favorites, especially when it comes to usability. There’s not much to metering and focusing – just point and shoot. Of course you’ll be able to tell that it is auto-metering (instead of manual) because the brightness while change occasionally – but for on the run type of stuff, this camera works great.

This is a short film shot in Cambridge, England in April 2010 during a visit for the Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival.

It was market day and the May Day celebration. My brother, Adam, walks the crowded streets, visits the open-air market and watches some street performers.

The sound was captured digitally using a hand-held Edirol R-09 recorder.

The film was predominantly shot on Kodak Ektachrome 64T but the last bit capturing “punting” was in Tri-X. Camera used was a Zeiss Ikon Movieflex S8.

All camera work by me.