Test Footage – Light, Sound, Location

This is a photo (taken with my cell phone) of one the locations for my upcoming film.

Yesterday was such an exciting day. Shot some test footage for my upcoming Super 8 film! The purpose for the test footage was threefold: 1) To get an idea of various light levels in the room and on the camera, 2) To test the sound quality in the room with a shotgun mic and perform sound sync test, 3) To get used to the camera and how it handles.

The entire test was documented on an HDV camera in order to review it later and identify settings, light levels, and how the room was set up with each change between takes. Speaking of takes, my friend Sherwin played the part of the “talent,” clapped the slate at the beginning of each take, helped me keep things straight, etc. He even took the opportunity to tell a few interesting anecdotes about himself in the process – you can look forward to me sharing some of those takes later (if it’s cool with him).

So the roll of test footage is off to the lab for processing and transfer. I’ll post some footage up after it’s back.

As far as the film goes – the script is finished and I’m pretty content with it. A few people have read it and so far I’ve received positive feedback. I made a few changes based on the feedback so I feel like it’s good to go.

The screenplay has just been registered with the WGA. I will get into what the film is about in another post.

Feel good to be moving closer to my goal on this.